Stieltjes: a minimal Scala client for Riemann

Stieltjies is a minimal, UDP-only, Netty-based Scala client for Riemann, the events and monitoring system for distributed systems.

    import stieltjes._

    val client = new UdpRiemannClient("")
      Event(Host("myhost"), Service("server"), State("ok"), Metric(3.0F)))

By default, the client uses client port 5556 and server port 5555.

Events are immutable, but can be used as templates for other events:

    val defaultEvent = Event(Host("myhost"), Service("server"), State("ok"), Ttl(20))
    client.write(defaultEvent(State("critical"), Metric(1000L), Description("critical error")))


Because Stieltjes uses UDP, event delivery is not guaranteed. This should be used for high-volume stats tracking, rather than error reporting.

Because events are sent as fire-and-forget UDP packets, there is no mechanism for detecting if the Riemann server is down.